At Least ‘We Trusted Richard Nixon:’ MSNBC on Coronavirus Response


The media's attempts to convey that everything is even worse than Richard Nixon and Watergate attained peaked comical on Friday as Andrea Mitchell Reports guest host Geoff Bennett and previous assistant Watergate special prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks explained the current administration's “credibility gap” on the coronavirus.

Bennett inquired Wine-Banks, “How does an administration like this one mitigate this credibility gap?” He then responded, “And that's not a partisan statement. That's just a statement of fact, this credibility gap exists.”

Wine-Banks asserted that ” It's a serious problem and part of the problem is that we don't trust the administration.” She then falsely reported, “they haven't shown us anyway in which they are really in control of the situation.” In January, when the world was centered on other considerations, the White House had already created a coronavirus task force, without making the front pages, other media outlets' takeaway at the time was that it was not diverse enough.

She then went onto the Nixon comparison, debating that, “You know, if we go back to the era of Nixon, he wasn't very trustworthy either except we did trust him to run the government and we would have trusted what his administration said, we would have trusted that they would have put in charge the right people, they would have let the doctors tell us what to do and what was being done.” The administration has not prevented doctors from informing “us what to do.”

Wine-Banks determined, “They would have been prepared. They wouldn't have let people go to Travis Air Force Base without the proper protection, and that's the difference between then and now is we trusted Richard Nixon even though he obviously was involved in a similar scandal.”



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