Bloomberg: Winning Soars


If you would like to know who's likely to win the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, follow the dollars.

“The fastest riser is a candidate who did not even run in New Hampshire or the Iowa caucus: Michael Bloomberg,”, a primarily sports betting-concentrated internet site, writes. “Former Vice President Joe Biden's odds are in free-fall after his dreadful fifth-place showing in New Hampshire.”

Back in November, Bloomberg's chances were non-existent. Now, he's got a one in three chance (33.4%) to take the Democratic presidential nomination, according to Real Clear Politics (RCP), which keeps a running tally of the odds based on several betting sites.

“Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, shortens to +450 and is closing on Sanders fast. Skipping the first two states was an unconventional strategy, one who has never worked before. Still, it's hard to imagine a way it could've worked out better for Bloomberg thanks to chaos in Iowa and a tighter vote than expected in New Hampshire,” stated.

“Bloomberg is now in third place in national polling. Not bad for a guy who hasn't been on the ballot yet. But there could be trouble brewing: Recently unearthed comments amplified his troubled past with racist police tactics and he even seemed to endorse housing discrimination. He's soon to face the first real test of his campaign (he knew it was coming because he apologized for New York's stop-and-frisk policy). How he handles it will play a big part in his pre-Nevada standing.”

Theoretically, Bloomberg failed to ignore the first two competitions purposely. He came into the contest right after the petition windows within both states had already closed up.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is the sole candidate on the RCP chart in front of Bloomberg. He is currently placed at a 40.3% probability of winning the 2020 nomination. Bloomberg is in second, with former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg climbing to third (12.4%) after solid shows in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, in the meantime, is plunging in the odds. Back in October, his odds were above 53%, but he's fallen all the way down to just 9.8%.

“The shocking fall of presumed front-runner Biden, now +3000, continues. He is fifth in pledged delegates following the first two contests. Polls indicated he was strongly in contention in New Hampshire until he suddenly wasn't. Nevada and especially the South Carolina primary (February 29) are crucial offered Biden's longstanding fundraising issues, that were masked until recently by his ranking upright throughout the polls,” stated.

In the meantime, President Trump's odds of winning re-election are increasing, claimed.

With each passing day ahead of the 2020 United States presidential election, Donald Trump's odds to enjoy another 4 years in the White House will continue to improve.

At Bovada, Trump is currently the -170 beloved to win the election – an all-time high. Trump was -150 on February 5 and -135 on January 29. The odds of the Republicans winning the election are sitting at -180, with the Democrats coming back as +135 underdogs.

In the Democratic New Hampshire primary on February 11, Senator Bernie Sanders narrowly defeated Pete Buttigieg. Sanders, who front-ran the polls entering the vote, crystalized his rank as the national front-runner with the triumph.

Now, the contest changes to Nevada and then South Carolina. In light of the results in New Hampshire, Andrew Yang fell out of the running. Yang was +2600 to become president a week ago. For more statistics to win the 2020 Democratic nomination, we have you covered.


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