Fatal Loss: New Hampshire


Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) claimed a substantial success in the 2020 New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary but of perhaps higher significance were the two apparent losers. It’s hardly breaking information that the listing ship of past Vice President Joe Biden has been particularly unseaworthy of late. Still, progressive firebrand Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) campaign may just have been sunk by a New England state that resolutely declined her.

Plummeting downwards?

Sanders is now two-for-two in amazing ballot performances out of the gate while his primary opponent for the progressive mantle in the Dem field has underachieved disappointingly. Warren has been rolling in the dark ever since her encounter with Sanders in Des Moines, IA, in January. In accusing Sanders of telling her in a private conversation that a woman could not win the presidency in 2020, and then playing the “victim” who feels personally offended at being called a liar when Sanders denied making any such comment, Warren came across as petty and overly contentious. And all in a very contrived way. Sanders quickly brushed the would-be squabble aside and has been cruising in the progressive lane ever since.

As Biden has washed out, the establishment wing of the party, petrified over a probable Sanders nomination, has pushed the heretofore stale campaigns of past South Bend, IN, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). The foreseeable collapse of the aged Delaware political dinosaur has significantly enhanced those two candidates' chances but has done nothing to assist scuffling progressive Warren.

Coming off a weak third position showing in Iowa, Warren hastily needed to show signs of life in a state that neighbors her home territory of Massachusetts. Instead, she was rolled even more convincingly. Sanders is, of course, a New Englander as well and was anticipated to win New Hampshire. Still, the Warren campaign simply cannot twirl the fiasco that is being doubled in the vote in her garden by an unidentified Minnesotan who had lagged in polling during the preliminary primary season. Nor can Warren disregard the fact that her chief progressive opponent, Sanders, was on tempo to nearly triple her paltry vote total.

“Our campaign is built for the long term — and we're just beginning,” Warren defiantly tweeted as the unsightly information of her second straight also-ran showing were being uncovered. How this is so is a complete mystery. Actually, her team feels more out of touch by the day. In a peculiar statement, Warren campaign manager Roger Lau asserted before polls shut on Feb. 11 that Sanders, the promptly evaporating Biden, and Warren were the three sturdiest candidates in the Dem field and that “In that three-way race, Elizabeth Warren is the candidate with the highest prospective roof of support.”

Harsh reality then unleashed terror upon this dream scenario as Lau's candidate was thoroughly outstripped by Buttigieg and Klobuchar on top of the thrashing Sanders administered to her in the progressive lane. Meanwhile, Biden, that other stout contender in Lau's feverish mind, joined Warren at the deep bottom of the top-five barrel.


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