Whatever it is, no matter what may be wrong in your life, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. It is likely you didn’t are aware that you possibly thought it was a little something you did, some poor choice you made throughout your life that brought about your being in whatever condition you might find yourself, but you’re wrong – it’s Trump.

A minimum of that is the content you’re currently being flooded with when you consume any press whatsoever.

Have your health premiums increased? It’s not the negligence of Democrats as well as their Obamacare mess; it’s Trump’s neglect to “fix” the problem. Naturally, when Obama was still president and Republicans tried to indicate evident faults in the legislation, prior to it had been executed, they were identified as racists. When they tried to change any part of it, they were told they couldn’t because it was “settled law.”

Now every Democrat running for president has a strategy to “fix our busted medical system,” and none are satisfied with a comparable response. They announce it’s all Trump’s mistake, and they’re the ones to make it far better (who better to correct something than the people who shattered it?).

The Justice Department looks to put a non-brutal, first-time offender away for the more effective part of a decade for misleading Congress, which the president rightly considers is a bit tough. Unexpectedly, there exists a crisis of confidence in the justice system, and outrage ensues. “How dare the president try to pervert justice? !? !” they cried. Perhaps they would have desired Donald Trump simply claimed prosecutors “acted stupidly,” or if he’s had an elderly son, he’d resemble Roger Stone?

For having exactly the same thought, the Washington Post reported the Attorney General to be the president’s “wingman” instead of someone interested in real justice. Not mentioned: when Barack Obama’s AG literally named himself the president’s wingman. (Truthfully, it’s like these correspondents didn’t continue with the news or history didn’t really exist between 2009 and 2017.)

Trump, not only by not being convicted and taken off the office, ruined trust in the justice system, one tweet at a time. Nevertheless, worry not, Democrats have claimed retribution for those 280-characters-at-a-time attacks on justice; they will design a commission to research anyone related to the president and his supporters to find out if they may have violated any laws, thereby repairing faith in the impartiality of the system. Or something.

You identify the matter, whatever happens, to be incorrect with it is the negligence of the president. It’s a neat technique.

Joblessness is certainly near historic lows, there are many jobs than job-seekers, but that’s somehow a tragedy Democrats will fix. Have substantial student loan debt you can’t pay back? It absolutely was Donald Trump who induced you to decide on an expensive out-of-state university rather than enroll in an affordable in-state college, in addition to how he compelled you into majoring in bi-sexual polar bear with a minor in interpretive social justice dance studies rather than something marketable.

Should you have a difficulty, regardless of how self-inflicted, you will discover a Democrat anxiously looking forward to the opportunity to absolve you of accountability for it, equally as they absolve themselves. They aren’t running for president; they’re running for Pope. Absolution is simply a wave of their hands, or perhaps the stroke of a wonder pen, away. All you need to do is cede them your vote and a tiny part of your dignity.

This election isn’t a “change election.” It’s a last-chance election. Democrats have blamed the president for everything, big and small, and are offering a government program to remove the last vestiges of personal responsibility, and all it will cost is our individual liberty. “We will solve all of your problems, all you have to do is become a de facto ward of the state” is the siren call of tyranny.

Sadly, there are approximately 40 percent of American voters who will curse Donald Trump if their car battery is lifeless tomorrow morning like the president swung by in the night and turned their lights on.

Absolution from accountability for what’s wrong within their lives is popular with some because the idea of the reflection in the mirror being responsible for their problems is something they’re not willing to accept. Democrats live in this area of denial; they’ve perfected their sales pitch to those hoping to outsource blame for their shortcomings. They’ve always blamed Republicans in general, to limited success. Now they’ve narrowed their focus, putting everything on the president. It’ll make everything easier for them come November, when they lose, they’ll know exactly who to blame.


  1. Some interesting thoughts. You may want to edit the 2nd sentence “It is likely you didn’t are aware that you possibly thought it was a little “


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