Michael Avenatti, Faces Decades In Jail


Among President Donald Trump’s most outspoken experts – a male who most often pictured himself being a daring crusader for fact and justice – is practically certainly going to prison for a very long time.

Michael Avenatti rose to exposure as the lawyer who served for past porn star Stephanie Clifford, named Stormy Daniels, in her legal action versus the President of the U.S. For some time, Avenatti really enjoyed something getting close to hero status in the left-wing media channels and “The Resistance” while he railed against Trump at each chance. At some point, he even teased the potential of a presidential run.

No Love On Valentine’s Day

On Feb. 14, even though the person once touted as the individual that would bring down the President was uncovered guilty on three counts with regards to his attempt to extort millions from sports clothing giant Nike. Now, he deals with the potential for decades behind bars.

A jury identified the past attorney accountable for wire fraud, attempted extortion, and transmission of interstate communications with purpose to extort. The verdict, however, will not be the conclusion of Avenatti’s legal difficulties. He confronts two more trials: He is being prosecuted in California for fraudulence and tax-associated criminal offenses and in the state of New York for allegedly stealing funds meant to go to Clifford as an advance on her book.

The Nike case centered around youth basketball coach Gary Franklin, who professed that the corporation forced him into making illicit payments to school players. Following the allegations, Nike terminated its sponsorship of the basketball program run by Franklin. Avenatti was appointed to combat the decision but utilized the situation as a way to demand greater than $20 million to acquire not moving publicly with claims that might have been financially and possibly legally detrimental to Nike.

In a bizarre effort to decorate himself as a victim of political persecution, Avenatti has professed that his legal issues are retaliation for his regular clashes with Trump.

The Media’s Unwholesome Love Affair

Back 2018, left-inclined media networks and talk show hosts presented the red carpet for the attorney, remembering him as a courageous truth-teller, standing upright fast against a corrupt president. Joy Behar, a co-host of The View, once asserted that Avenatti was “saving the country.” Bill Maher hailed him as a “folk hero.”

Make no error: The President’s mass media foes realized exactly what a man Avenatti was – they merely didn’t care, as long as he continued to chuck red meat to Trump’s haters publicly. In a 2019 article, for instance, a source for Vanity Fair explained Avenatti as a “hyper-aggressive narcissist with shadows in his past.” Trump Derangement Syndrome has always permitted others in the mass media to eliminate all moral and ethical criteria as they search for those who, they hope, can mortally injure this President. Thus, Avenatti was accepted and showered with admiration while the very people interviewing and producing about him – with their networks of connections and not insignificant analysis resources – almost definitely recognized full well what kind of person Avenatti was.


  1. So-called “attorney'”Avenatti is exactly where he belongs: a max-security prison! I hope he stays there until he is 94……if he lives that long. Most people get law degrees to pursue justice and to help those who badly need it……but loud-mouthed, low-life Avenatti got his to extort, make up lies and hurt the most vulnerable among us. As the Bible says, “you reap what you sow’!

  2. I hope this loud-mouthed bastard rots in jail. His stupidity, self-destroying showmanship and irrational hatred for DJT has finally and deservedly caught up with him. Die bastard die!


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