Over 150,000 Roger Stone: Pardon Petition


Only 24 hours after President Trump called the Department of Justice’s bananas to request for a 9-year sentence “disgraceful” and a “miscarriage of justice”, a friend of Roger Stone’s and previous Trump campaign staffer uncovered the existing count of a petition he begun to promote President Donald J. Trump to pardon his former leading advisor.

Michael Caputo, previous Trump Presidential Campaign Staffer and longtime friend of Roger Stone, announced that he had accumulated 100,000 signatures on a petition to President Donald J. Trump driving him to pardon the veteran Republican strategist who had been convicted of process criminal acts on November 15, 2019.

“I hope the President understands that the those who recently attempted to accomplish the impeachment dupe are exactly the same individuals that framed Roger Stone in an elaborate perjury snare, namely Congressman Adam Schiff,” said Caputo. “Stone was convicted by an utter Democrat DC Jury of lying to Congress when there was no underlying criminal offense to lie about” Caputo added. “I strongly urge the President to take action to free Roger Stone from what was obviously a political hit job and return him to his family,” said Caputo. “In the meantime, I urge Americans who recognize that this was a deep state takedown of Roger Stone to sign our petition today at https://magapetition.org/rogerstone/.”

Mueller operatives who had been backing Stone’s persecution obviously failed to brief the DOJ on what sort of jail time frame they would be promoting, according to news accounts earlier today. Other reports show that they made available some kind of briefing, however, lied concerning the insane 9-year sentencing endorsement. Aaron Zelinsky, a regarded leftist prosecutor who directed the initiatives to concentrate on and lie about Stone throughout his DC-based trial, resigned this afternoon, or quit in a temper-tantrum protest of sorts depending on who you talk to. Since then, a few other lead prosecutors have left or left the case as well. While Trump’s current feedback slamming the sentence and prosecution in its entirety is a move in the right direction, Mr. Stone still struggles to a difficult sentencing hearing on February 20th before an Obama appointed judge with a history of ruling biased against conservative cases and figures before her court.


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