Spreading Coronavirus to Trump Supporters: Podcast Host Tweets


The media's treatments for the coronavirus outbreak is surreal. As opposed to the usual rigorous fear-mongering, pundits, along with commentators, have already been weaponizing the sickness politically, forcing that the Trump administration is exacerbating the matter, and even proceeding so far as to press the notion of scattering the virus at Trump rallies.

Pakistani-Canadian media man Ali A. Rizvi uploaded a nauseating quip concerning Trump supporters on Friday, Feb. 28. The producer of the “Secular Jihadist” podcast and “Atheist Muslim” creator demonstrated how godless he is by hoping the coronavirus on Trump supporters—not kidding.

And it wasn't expecting the illness to infect MAGA varieties nationwide, Rizvi's sick joke outlined purposely going to Trump rallies and coughing on the current president's supporters.

Rizvi tweeted, “What to do if you have coronavirus: 1. See your healthcare provider — make sure you call ahead. 2. Separate yourself from family and friends. 3. Wear a face mask. 4. Cover all coughs/sneezes. 4. Attend every Trump rally in your area. (Do all steps in reverse order)”

Oh, did you observe what he did there? Nothing's more enjoyable than picturing the illnesses and demise of fellow Americans simply because they support the elected president you don't like.

Rizvi made a very similar joke five days earlier. This indicates he really prefers the joke to develop a splash or really feels the need to set off conservatives. On Feb. 23, he replied to a tweet from previous U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, expressing, “If I contracted coronavirus, I would go out and try to attend every Trump rally possible.”

Yeah, a real class act. But c'mon, we should take a joke, right?

Rizvi focused on former Congressman Jason Lewis (R-MN) for not having a sense of humor regarding the means-spirited comments. Lewis, who's operating for Senate in Michigan, tweeted regarding Rizvi's post: “There is no limit to the left's unhinged hatred for @realdonaldtrump and his supporters.”

Lewis added, “Considering the left just voted in favor of POST BIRTH ABORTION, it shouldn't be too surprising they'd also fantasize about infecting Trump supporters with the coronavirus.” Fair point, Mr. Lewis, though Rizvi responded with more mockery.

“Thank you for your feedback, Congressman. Please fill this out, and we'll see what we can do,” he advised, asking him to fill out a “Butthurt Report” form. He basically told him to stop whining.

Yeah, sorry to not appreciate your sick humor, Mr. Rizvi. However, everyone knows that if anyone in conservative media joked about the left the same way, they'd be dragged over the coals.


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