Stelter, Fox News Is ‘Reprehensible’ for Calling Out Media’s Politicized Virus Reporting


It's an easy task to estimate how Brian Stelter, host of the Sunday Reliable Sources program on CNN, will reply to any issues with President Trump and the anchors on the Fox News Channel. He simply rejects every single thing they say as simply being wrong.

That had been unsurprisingly the scenario on Friday when the network's chief media correspondent was a participant in a section of the At This Hour program as hosted by Kate Bolduan. He ignored the network's assertions of the left weaponizing the virus versus President Trump, “reprehensible” and an effort “to make this all about Trump and politics when that's really not the arena this is being fought in.”

After playing some clips from Fox News hosts like Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, Stelter sneered:

“Yeah, and these are people who are, for some reason, only making this about politics, trying to focus only on politics, and that's because they are hammered. So all they see are nails. Sean Hannity exists, in his mind, to defend Donald Trump no matter what, so he is making this about Trump when ultimately it is not.”

While professing that Fox News was the network that was actually “politicizing” the situation, he professed that President Trump does “deserve scrutiny” for his “lack of credibility.” Stelter's snobbery continued, as he determined the endorsement that the media channels were aiming to strike Trump, “reprehensible”:

“I wish I could just laugh at it, I wish I could write it off as being unimportant, but it's reprehensible for them to be out there saying the media is trying to take down Trump and weaponize fear. There are real consequences to this,” he lectured.

The correspondent then disregarded the “pro-Trump media” as being part of an endeavor to create this “all about the president.”

During the discourse, a chyron across the bottom of the screen read: “Trump's Media Allies Downplay Coronavirus Risk.”

The At This Hour host commenced the talk by demonstrating a sarcastic segment from the Hannity anchor, who mentioned that “I can report the sky is absolutely falling; we are all doomed. … You're all going to die in the next 48 hours, and it's all President Trump's fault.”

“Or at least,” Hannity put in, “that's what the media mob” and Democrats “would like you to believe during basically the most up-to-date endeavor to bludgeon President Trump.”



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