Trouble, Michael Bloomberg


Previous New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has appreciated a razor-sharp improvement in recognition during the last seven days as he remains his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. The fact that he has become one of the left’s key targets generally seems to solidify his ascendence.

On Feb. 15, the Drudge Report stated Bloomberg is contemplating selecting failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as his running companion. But is this a true rumor, a shrewd political diversion, or either?

Gossips Passed-on Regarding Bloomberg And Clinton
In accordance with Drudge, members of the Bloomberg campaign stated that they are examining the previous secretary of state “after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be a formidable force.” The site also revealed that the prospect would even alter his official residence from New York to homes in Florida or Colorado. The reason for this is that the “electoral college makes it hard for a POTUS and VPOTUS from the same state.”

This story comes as additional gossip advised that Clinton was setting up another run for president in 2020. However, the past aspirant has neither confirmed nor rejected these assertions.

Is This A Distraction?

Since Bloomberg has surged in the polls, he has confronted several problems. Earlier this week, an audio recording was introduced by Bloomberg defending the debatable “stop and frisk” policy during a 2015 speech. He has been called out for creating racist reviews during the past. A well-regarded Washington publication on Feb. 15 posted a report outlining the previous mayor’s history of producing sexist remarks.

The content covers many occurrences in which Bloomberg created vulgar and sexually specific remarks about women. In a few of these scenarios, he focused these comments on female workers. Seemingly, his unacceptable remarks were so numerous that one of his aides presented him – on the event of his 48th birthday in 1990 – with a booklet that outlined his moral transgressions.

The booklet, named “The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg,” was meant as a joke. Its content has 32 pages of sordid remarks done by the past mayor. One of several entries says he explained that a fantastic sales rep is comparable to a man who hits on women at bars by saying, “Do you want to f? He gets turned down a lot — but he gets f** a lot, too! ” The booklet also quotes Bloomberg as saying his company’s computers “will do everything, including give you oral sex. He gets rejected considerably — but he gets f* a lot, too!

Even though some of Bloomberg’s staff laughed at the remarks, others weren’t quite so satisfied. The article specifics the numerous lawsuits lodged against the candidate by women accusing him and his business of discrimination against women. One of the suits even recommended that he designed “a culture of sexual harassment and degradation.”

Essentially the most incendiary scenario included a former female salesperson who sued both Bloomberg and his company. Accusing him of discrimination, she professed that when he identified she was pregnant, he instructed her to “kill it.” The candidate rejected the accusations but resolved with the previous staff member outside of court.

In the #MeToo era, there is no doubt that this narrative would lead to potentially irreparable injury to the candidate if it has gotten popular interest. This might make the timing of the discharge of the Clinton narrative rather convenient; it would probably distract from the brewing scuffle Bloomberg will likely have to generate better than rumours if he is going to attract enough interest away from his past.


  1. Heeee. Can a man be that stupid????? She will be in jail by no …tooo much baggage. A vp she is not 8nterested in at all…way tooo many enemies in Washington now. Poor sap. He will never make it that far.


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