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Monday, Feb. 24

President Trump and the First Lady came in India for a two-day state check out. The president spoke at a “Namaste Trump” community affair in the 110,000 seats Sardar Patel Stadium – the world’s most well-known cricket ground – in Ahmedabad.

Tuesday, Feb. 25

Trump attends a range of events and conferences in India before departing the country to return to The U.s.A.

Addressing critique of his coping with the coronavirus outbreak, the president tweeted: “CDC and my Administration are doing a GREAT job of handling Coronavirus, including the very early closing of our borders to certain areas of the world. It was opposed by the Dems, ‘too soon,’ but turned out to be the correct decision. No matter how well we do, however, the Democrats' talking point is that we are doing badly.”

Wednesday, Feb. 26

Back in Washington, D.C., the president hosted his coronavirus task force at the White House and presented a press conference. Carrying on his war of words with Democrats over his administration’s handling of the response to the virus, Trump wrote on Twitter: “Low Ratings Fake News MSDNC (Comcast) & @CNN are doing everything possible to make the Caronavirus look as bad as possible, including panicking markets, if possible.”

Thursday, Feb. 27

After acquiring an intelligence briefing, the president hosted leaders of the black community and went to a Black History Month reception.

Friday, Feb. 28

President Trump traveled to Charleston, SC, to deliver remarks at a “Keep America Great” rally at the North Charleston Coliseum & Performing Arts Center. Earlier in the day – celebrating a significant legal victory, regarding sanctuary cities – he tweeted: “’ Federal Court Deals Major Blow To Sanctuary Cities.’ @FoxNews. In other words, there will be no more Federal Tax Dollars to States & Cities that will not cooperate with Federal Law Enforcement (ICE). This is BIG NEWS! Funds will be cut off immediately. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! ”


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