YEAS: 10 NAYS: 5” read the tally board, and with that, Virginia firearm proprietors earned the ability to be free from confiscations for an additional twelve months. House Bill 961, created by Delegate Mark Levine (D-Alexandria), might have blacklisted ownership of magazines that can maintain more than 12 rounds and the sales of many popular kinds of semiautomatic rifles and pistols. Monday morning’s procedural vote in Virginia’s Senate Judiciary Committee destroyed the offer to prohibit the most popular semiautomatic firearms and components in the commonwealth. Four Democrats voted with the unanimous Republicans to get rid of the bill, and one betrayed her promise to let people keep their gun magazines.

When Democrats got authority over both houses of the legislature in November 2019, numerous believed the anti-gunners were going to undergo gun-rights like Sherman through Atlanta. Michael “Mike” Bloomberg, the rabidly anti-gun billionaire, added cash into races to elect candidates who would prefer gun control. While most of the new legislators were transparent concerning their willingness to execute new firearm rules, the election was not a referendum on gun laws, and Virginians have now made that point abundantly evident.

An Interesting Issue Occurred On The Way To The Forum

The pre-filed bills and their appalling spacious gun controls and confiscations brought rise to the sanctuary city & county movement. Almost all of the counties and independent cities in the state have now passed on resolutions against state infringement on gun-rights. The intention to enact these oaths was driven by the Virginia Citizens’ Defense League (VCDL)*, whose president Philip Van Cleave explained to LN his organization had broadened over 300% since November. The backlash towards the confiscation proposals was, in fact, severe and widespread, culminating in the VCDL’s lobby day rally on January 20 in Richmond, which we documented on live.

That Doesn’t Make Sense.

Did Democratic Senator Jennifer Boysko of Virginia’s 33rd district lie to her constituents when she claimed not to vote for the ban? Her district incorporates Dulles Airport and far of the vicinity, and leans heavily Democratic. It’s still Virginia, however, and a lot an ample amount of those Democrats possess modern firearms and want to keep them. Dialing back earlier assistance for the ban, Boysko explained to a Leesburg crowd in January:

“An assault weapon is more complex than I thought it was,” and “having a 13-capacity firearm – that doesn’t make sense to ban that.”

Then she voted for the firearm and magazine ban. Will her duplicity cost her? Only the polls will tell as they will for the Democratic Senators who, on the other hand, voted in support of gun rights: Creigh Deeds of Bath County, John Edwards of Roanoke, Chap Petersen of Fairfax City, and Scott Surovell of Fairfax County.

LN was directed the Boysko video recording by a new gun-rights activist and YouTube channel owner, John Williams of Fairfax County. Williams, who roamed to the Richmond rally, is a case investigation for new gun rights activism in Virginia. He thought that the bans passed in New York, California, and Washington would never come to the Old Dominion. He was spurred into actions “[a]s soon as it became evident that was the Democrat plan here, doing nothing was no longer away.” In addition to lobbying, protesting, and rallying, Mr. Williams is placing committee meetings online. “Not surprisingly, the General Assembly doesn’t make it convenient or easy to find recordings [of the legislative process],” the activist told LN. He believes the greater amount of his fellow Virginians “know about the shenanigans happening in Richmond,” the more involved they will be.

Mr. Williams, the VCDL, and many other gun rights proponents will now turn to the numerous other proposals still alive in the legislature. “Complacency is what got us in this mess, I plan on doing my part to remain active,” Williams said. He already has meetings scheduled to speak with his legislators.

The author has been a member of the VCDL.


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