WWE Star and Mayor Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs Chokeslams Democrat Tim Ryan on Twitter

WWE Star and Mayor Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs Chokeslams Democrat Tim Ryan on Twitter


When Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan decided to call President Trump’s State of the Union address “fake” by comparing it to professional wrestling, he apparently ticked off one of the biggest men in the WWE–Kane!

‘It’s all fake’

Ryan tweeted after he apparently left the President’s address on Tuesday night, “I just walked out of the State of the Union. I’ve had enough.”

If Ryan would have stopped there he might have been fine. he did not.

“It’s like watching professional wrestling,” Ryan added. “It’s all fake.”

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That did not sit well with World Wrestling Entertainment legend “Kane.”

Semi-retired from the ring, Kane in real life is the man known as Glenn Jacobs who currently serves as the Republican mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

The Big Red Mayor sent out a tweet defending the business he obviously loves.

‘Professional wrestling brings joy to millions… Politicians like yourself usually bring nothing but misery’

“Sir, your statement is emblematic of the out-of-touch elitism, so typical of Washington, that has alienated countless everyday Americans,” Jacobs tweeted. Professional wrestling brings joy to millions around the world.”

“Politicians like yourself usually bring nothing but misery,” Jacobs jabbed. Ouch!

Kane wasn’t the only pro wrestling star who took offense.

Let the Smackdown Commence!

“Tell him Glenn!” tweeted WWE announcer Renee Young.

“You leave wrestling out of this!” demanded WWE star Paige.

WWE star Drake Maverick tweeted, “You’re ‘fake’ constantly so that you get what you want out of life.

Wrestling legend Ricky Morton of the famed “Rock n’ Roll Express” tag team seemed to want pick a legit fight with Rep. Ryan.

“You have a invitation to my wrestling school, guy,” Morton tweeted. “Hopefully, you can compete with those ‘fake’ wrestlers.”

Scott Dawson of WWE tag team “The Revival” gave Jacobs the mic drop.

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Tim Ryan might be wishing he found a better way to express his anger at President Trump Tuesday night with perhaps leaving professional wrestling out of it.

One thing is for sure, the Democratic congressman should probably stay away from any WWE events for the foreseeable future.


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